Company Profile


CKJ Produktie N.V. is a legal entity organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of Suriname, with its registered office in Paramaribo. The company has been established in 2000. Our chemicals branch aims to produce consumer chemicals and industrial chemicals for the domestic and regional markets and specializes in the production of powder laundry detergents (poudre laver).

Three different types of powder laundry detergents have been introduced for the domestic consumer market in Suriname in the second quarter of 2003, namely: "Excel Super", "Excel Regular" and "Excel Laagschuimend". More products, namely "Excel Bleach" and "Excel Baby Care" and "Excel Anti-Bacterial", have been added in 2005.

Excel Super (High performance bioactive powder laundry detergent with 3 enzymes) Excel Regular (Economical high foaming powder laundry detergent)

Industrial clients (e.g. hotels, laundrettes and hospitals) can be supplied with (custom-made) industrial grade powder detergents.

Our products are of high quality and also comply with the European Union environmental laws and are thus safe for the environment.

The Excel productline has been designed to offer quality, diversity and competitive prices.


Mission Statement

"To develop, manufacture and market specific productlines for the consumer-, industrial- & agricultural chemicals markets on the basis of clear features to meet the identified needs of our target groups via reliable distribution channels in the domestic market and the Caribbean.

All efforts share the vision to serve the community with high quality and environmentally friendly products while providing an excellent work environment for the employees, premium value for the shareholders and satisfaction for all other stake- holders".